Deepika Padukone and Vicky Kaushal

If there are two stars in the country today who are ruling hearts and the box office – it has to be Vicky Kaushal and Deepika Padukone. Taking giant leaps forward, the duo has already established themselves as the most bankable stars.

 Recently at a show, Vicky Kaushal was hosting a particular segment of the evening where he made Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh take pheras as they had gotten married outside the country. The act entailed a lot of fun and comedy until Vicky started calling Deepika 'bhabhi'. Not once, not twice, the actor kept addressing her as 'bhabhi' which the diva pretended to get annoyed with. Ranveer Singh later came to her rescue and the duo went back to their seats.

Though he may have parted ways, Vicky had talked about his love story with Harleen Sethi on a show, "We happened to meet through common friends. It felt right from the very beginning. We never questioned it. The beginning isn't too far off. It only started last year. It was beautiful to get to know each other. But at the same time, feeling right from the very beginning. And whatever happened, happened in a very organic way. We didn't rush it or question it. It just seemed right. We enjoy each other's company. We are our best critics. It's a happy space."

Ever since the phenomenal success of Vicky Kaushal's Uri, Kaushal has been bombarded with big projects with some mega directors of the industry. One director, who had worked with Vicky previously has said that it appears that success has gone into Vicky Kaushal's head and he is not able to see the ground beneath him. The report also states that the director feels he wouldn't be able to cast Vicky Kaushal in the same budget as earlier as his market value has increased now.