Samantha Akkineni in Oh! Baby
Samantha Akkineni in Oh! BabyTwitter

Actress Samantha Akkineni has revealed that she is not getting enough film offers as she used to get before her marriage with longtime boyfriend Naga Chaitanya.

Samantha Akkineni is awaiting the release of her upcoming film Oh! Baby, which is set to hit the screens July 5. It is a female-centric movie and she is leaving no stone unturned in a bid to make it a big hit solo film of her career. She started its publicity more than a month before its release. As part of its promotion, she interacted with her fans live on Twitter on Sunday.

Bollywood film critic Rajeev Masand moderated the Twitter chat session of Samantha Akkineni. While talking to him, the actress made a shocking revelation about her career. "I am not getting as many films as I did before marriage. But I don't think it's because I am married, but I think filmmakers are confused about what to do with me now," Samantha told the critic jokingly.

It is true that any actress would face this situation after her marriage, as she will have inhibition in doing a glamorous role and romantic scenes. But Samantha has two more reasons for getting fewer offers. Firstly, she is the daughter-in-law of one of the few esteemed families of Tollywood. The filmmakers and heroes will have a second thought about getting her to do romantic roles.

Secondly, Samantha Akkineni is also carefully choosing the films, keeping the prestige of the Akkineni family. After wrapping the projects that she committed before her wedding, the actress is said to be preferring women-oriented movies and U-Turn and Oh! Baby are her attempts in that direction. Thirdly, she also needs to start her family, which may not allow her to take more projects that she did before wedding.

What is appreciable about the Akkineni family is that it is not forcing her to quit her acting career. Instead, it is supporting her to get good scripts, directors and producers to keep her career. Suresh Babu, who is a family member, is jointly producing Oh! Baby with Sunitha Tati under the banners Suresh Productions and Guru Films.

The owner of Suresh Productions tweeted on Sunday, "#OhBaby is a very special film and i really wish every women out there comes to the theatres to watch it. Its so much more than a comedy film. Its a film you can watch it with your entire family - @Samanthaprabhu2."