Kim Kardashian arrives for the 2018 Met Gala on May 7, 2018, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. - The Gala raises money for the Metropolitan Museum of Arts Costume InstituteANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images

It looks like reality star Kim Kardashian is out for a different cause this time. Apparently, the star is lobbying Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for her fans. And guess what is the reason? She is trying to convince Dorsey for an edit button in Twitter.

Well, an edit button would be a sign of relief for Twitteratis, Kim is deliberately doing this for her 60 million followers. The celebrity star met Dorsey at her husband Kanye West's 41st birthday bash and revealed the news via her Twitter account. "I had a very good convo with @jack this weekend at Kanye's bday and I think he really heard me out on the edit button," Kim wrote.

To Kim's tweet, Dorsey commented, "Now I see why I was invited!."

The edit functionality has become a need-of-the-hour for this microblogging site. Currently, if a typo or an error is made, the only option to retrieve it is to delete the tweet and repost it. For celebrities like Kim, who has been active on the blogging site almost 24/7, an edit option would be a sign of relief.

Interestingly, this is not the first time Kim is battling for an edit function. Back in 2015, she drafted a letter to Twitter requesting for the same. "I just emailed Twitter to see if they can add an edit feature so that when u misspell something u don't have to delete & repost Let's see," she tweeted. Back then, Dorsey even endorsed the idea and replied, "@KimKardashian great idea! We're always looking at ways to make things faster and easier."

With over a decade of existence, it is truly hard to believe that the company has not yet introduced the edit functionality for its users. Now, it would be interesting to see whether Kim's request will be accepted by the Twitter CEO.

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