Stylish star Allu Arjun's brother Sirish was furious with superstar Mahesh Babu fans after they claimed that Dookudu was a bigger hit than Magadheera. He not only got into a bitter fight with them but also threw an open challenge to its producer.

Ram Charan's Magadheera, which was released on July 31, 2009, had become blockbuster at the box office, beating all the records of Mahesh Babu's Pokiri. Two years later, Prince's Dookudu hit the screens went on to become the first Telugu movie to cross Rs 100 crore gross mark at the worldwide market. It shattered the records of Magadheera in a few areas, but its business was lower than the latter in most of the areas in the Telugu states.

Magadheera and Dookudu
Magadheera and DookuduCollage of photos taken from Twitter and Facebook

But producer Anil Sunkara announced at its 50-day function in Vijayawada that Dookudu was No.1 in the Telugu film industry as it collected Rs 101 crore gross. However, little did he know that his statement would land him in a mess with the fans of the mega family, who went berserk, claiming that the collections of Dookudu were inflated and Magadheera was still holding the top record. This led to a fight between Mahesh and mega fans.

Adding fuel to the fire was Allu Sirish, son of Allu Aravind, who produced Dookudu. Reacting to Mahesh Babu fans, Sirish virtually thrashed one of them on social media. More frenzied fans ganged up against him. It didn't end there, Sirish went on to throw a challenge to the fans in a mass hero's style.

Allu Sirish had written on social media, "Dhammunte call ur Prod to media. I will also come... (sic) (If you have the guts, call your producer for a media meet)." Responding to Sirish's post, a producer has said, "He is not the producer of the film and there is no reason for him to react so harshly to an ordinary fan."

Allu Sirish and his posts
Allu Sirish and his postsCollage of photos taken from Twitter and Facebook

When this controversy created a lot of buzz in media, Ram Charan had reportedly said that he does not feel the need to prove himself because of his work talks. On the other hand, Dookudu producer Anil Sunkara had refused to get drawn into the debate. He had told, "I do not talk about other films. I spoke about my film and I have all the records to prove it. The film is still doing well."

Talking about the issue Suresh Babu, the then president of the AP Film Chamber of Commerce had said, "Right now we don't have a body that maintains authentic BO figures. As of now, the producer has the final word and he has to prove it with commercial tax and other relevant papers."