Ex-Bigg Boss Kannada contestant Jayashree is found dead at an old-age and rehabilitation centre in Pragathi Layout in Bengaluru on Monday, 25 January.  The case is now being investigated by Madanayakanahalli police. 

Jayashree Found Dead
Jayashree Ramaiah found dead.Social Media Site

Her untimely death has come as a shock to the film industry. Mourning her death, filmmaker Mayuraa Raghavendra said that Jayashree was suffering a lot and hoping that she was recover. 

"It is something that no one should go through. She was suffering a lot and it was seen in her attempt to suicide last year as well. We were all hopeful that she would spring back to her usual self when she was getting better in the past few months, where she had even expressed her desire to get back to dancing and acting. This news of her death is shocking and I am yet to come to terms with it." he is quoted as saying by The Times of India. 

Jayashree Battling Depression

A few months ago, she had sent shockwaves across when she said that had lost all hopes in life and bidding bye to to "f**ing world."

On her Facebook page, she wrote, "I Quit!! Goodbye to the fucking world and Depression ..!.. [sic]" This sent her well-wishers into a panic mode. Many flung into action and tried to reach her.

A few hours later, Jayashree had said that she was doing fine and deleted her earlier post. "I'm Alright and safe!! Love you all❤️. [sic]" She posted.

Her friend and actress Ashvithi has told a daily that Jayashree is battling depression. She was having family issues and worried about the lack of work. "She has shared several times about how low she's been and I would try to cheer her up. But the problem was that she'd keep changing her phone number so often that it became difficult to keep track of how she was doing," the daily quoted her as saying.

Jayashree Ramaiah
Jayashree Ramaiah.Jayashree Ramaiah Facebook

Ashvithi says that she had messaged Jayashree a few days ago and got a reply from her that she was doing fine. But the latest development came as a shock to her.

Battle against Depression was still on

Although she had posted that she was fine, netizens were rude towards her and slammed her claims as "publicity stunt." Some netizens went to the extent of mocking her mental health status.

Later, Jayashree, from the hospital, came live on Facebook and said, "I am not doing it for publicity, I am not expecting financial assistance from Sudeep sir. I need mercy killing. I am battling depression. I am unable to handle family issues. Some of them on my page have commented bi**h. I am betrayed, I am a loser, please give me mercy killing, [sic]" 

Jayashree's Friends Trying to Reach her

The suspected suicide case is being investigated by Madanayakanahalli Police. 

Jayashree Ramaiah

Jayashree's Career

Jayashree Ramaiah was a model-turned-actress who made her acting debut with Imran Sardhariya's Uppu Huli Khara. However, it was Kiccha Sudeep's Bigg Boss Kannada season 3 which brought her under the limelight. Though she had stayed in the Bigg Boss house for two weeks, the show had failed to give a big break to her and she continued to struggle to get offers in Sandalwood.