Being popular is both a good and bad thing. On one hand, celebs are showered with love and affection, but things get scary when some fans cross certain limits to become creepy stalkers. One of the world's most powerful and popular tech executives, Tim Cook became a victim of the latter and the company had to get a restraining order against the "aggressive" stalker.

Apple CEO along with several other company employees had been on the receiving end of the stalker's resilient attempts of creating a hostile environment. After assessing the situation, a California court granted Apple a restraining order against Rakesh Sharma.

Who is Rakesh Sharma aka "Rocky"?

Rakesh Sharma is a 41-year-old resident of San Francisco. He also goes by the name Rocky. While details about him are scarce at the moment, his actions have been detailed in length in the court document. Sharma is ordered by the court to stay at least 200 yards away from Cook and Apple security officer William Burns along with other company employees. The restraining order is valid through March 3 when a hearing is scheduled, Cult of Mac reported.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook

According to the documents filed in the court to obtain a restraining order, Sharma portrayed "erratic, threatening and bizarre behaviour" towards Apple employees, including its CEO. The stalker made two attempts to enter Cook's personal property.

The first incident was early in December when Sharma trespassed on Cook's property in Palo Alto. He had entered through the closed gate without permission with an attempt to deliver flowers and a bottle of champagne. Another trespassing incident took place in January when Sharma rang the doorbell but left before the police arrived.

Besides this, Sharma is also accused of tagging Cook in his "sexualized and inappropriate photos" on Twitter. But the terrorising attempts didn't limit to Cook as other employees, including Burns, complained against Sharma.

Terrorizing other Apple employees

Sharma also made threatening comments against other Apple employees. At one point, after Apple's attorneys sent Sharma a cease and desist letter refraining him from calling Apple and its Executives Team, he called Apple's technical support and made some serious threatening remarks.

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"I don't use ammunition but I know people who do," Sharma said, while accusing Cook as a criminal and that Apple tried to have him killed when he was in the hospital. Apple claimed that Sharma also made other delusional and paranoid comments related to Apple.

The restraining order

The court's restraining order against Sharma prevents him from visiting Apple's headquarter at 1 Apple Park Way, 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino and Cook's Palo Alto residence. But restraining order petition had asked the court for Sharma to be barred from all Apple corporate locations in Cupertino, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale and San Jose as well as all Apple retail locations and properties of Apple's executives.

The restraining order also prevents Sharma from owning, possessing or buying guns, firearms or ammunition. On March 3, the court hearing will determine whether a permanent restraining order must be issued against Sharma.