Farah Khan and Shah Rukh Khan's friendship is decades old and unbreakable, but the choreographer-turned-filmmaker says she can happily ditch her best friend for another superstar.

"If I had to shoot a dream song, I just want one guy in that song and that's Tom Cruise. I have been telling Shah Rukh that I will come for you anytime, but if Tom Cruise calls me anywhere, anytime then I will be ditching you and running to him, so be prepared!," she jokingly told Bollywood Life.

She also said how she would love to make a love story with SRK and Kajol, only that she would prefer to keep the theme as post-marriage love.

In other news, she recently wrapped up the shoot for a song with the two in Iceland, which is being marketed as the romantic song of the year.

Before the unit flew out for their 12-day long schedule, which ended a few days ago, there were reports revealing details of the shoot. It was being said how it would be a one-take song and apparently Shah Rukh had asked Farah to make it a larger-than-life.

Talking about it to the leading daily, Farah said it's bigger and better than "Sooraj Hua Maddham" adding how SRK and Kajol's chemistry is effortless.

"We have tried to make it (the dance sequence) bigger, better and more spectacular without losing the romantic essence. It's a love song, so you have to have the moments of closeness and I am sure we have upped the ante from Sooraj Hua Maddham, which was Shah Rukh and Kajol's last love song together," she elaborated.

Check out Farah's plans of making a movie with SRK and Kajol in the video below: