The police brutality is real. And despite hundreds of innocent lives being lost and scores of Black Lives Matter protests, this doesn't seem to stop. In a recent such act of police brutality gone viral; it was a few black kids who found themselves at the mercy of white officers.

A video has been doing the rounds where Colorado's Aurora Police Department officers can be seen handcuffing several children at gunpoint. The entire incident took place during a weekend traffic stop. As per the reports, the Aurora Police Department had detained a black family with several children on Sunday. This happened when the very conveniently claims to have made a  mistake of misidentifying the vehicle as stolen.

Aurora PD logic
Aurora PD logic.IBT

Car mistaken for a bike by Aurora PD

The car in question was being driven by Brittney Gilliam. Gilliam claims that she was taking her younger sister, daughter, and nieces to the parlour to get their nails done. When they found that the parlour was shut on Sunday, they got back in their car. But just at that moment, the police stopped them from driving away and stood around their car with their gun pointed at the family.

The incident has been caught on camera and confirmed by several witnesses. Jennifer Wurtz, a witness also gave a statement that said, "I saw a car next to me with four girls in it. Feet were up on the dash it was really cute. And next thing I know the police pull up silently behind them and had guns drawn on the children."

She also added, "That's police brutality. I don't give a damn what nobody say. That's police brutality." No wonder the call to defund the police has taken off.

"That's police brutality. I don't give a damn what nobody say. That's police brutality."

What the Cops said

Addressing the incident, the Aurora Police reported that a motorcycle with the same license plate number had been stolen on Sunday morning and mistaken for the car. The stolen bike was later found to be from another state. Aurora PD has since apologized.

The incident has since been heavily criticized on Twitter. Several people have also pointed out that the same treatment would not have been given to a white family and this is becoming a routine in the United States with Donald Trump as the president.