Angel Richa

"It is my dedication to my work that has brought me here. I haven't visited my hometown in years. I don't remember sitting idly and relaxing. For me work is worship and only when you worship wholeheartedly you can gain the fruit of it," says Angel Richa.

Back with another song, she is all geared up with her latest release. "Mushkil me wo nahi", a song built on the Shayari of R. Abhishek, was released on 28th November 2022. Since the drop of this song, people have not shied away from praising her and her team. With over 1.1 million views in 3 days and about sixteen hundred comments, the appreciators of the song are showering her with their love. Comments like, "On repeat ... superb !!", " Audience is still not prepared for this masterpiece. In love with this song", "No expensive cars, no alcohol only tea and pure love ️. this song is justtttt" and many more show the depths to which the song has affected the people.

When talking about the song, she credited her entire team for their hard work and support. She like always mentioned her pillars of strength, RP. Prathmesh and R. Abhishek. They are not only a part of her team but are like family to her. She ardently believes that no matter how much a child earns in his or her life, they will always be a reflection of their parents. Not having visited her hometown in years, she does meet her mother who visits her in Indore. However, since her father has been a little sick, he tends not to travel but she always feels his blessings with her.

She always lays special emphasis on respect and appreciation for one's family and teachers. For her, no one can ever replace the teachings given by their elders and the sacrifices made by their families and teachers. She expresses her gratitude for all those who supported her by saying, " I can never be thankful enough to my family and my gurus for standing by me throughout." She further added, " Right now I feel overwhelmed and would like to thank Ramji Bhai and United White flag who acknowledged me and felt like I deserved to be a part of the company through this song."

She wishes to dedicate her entire life to the field of artistry and give her audience what they seek from her. Though not a professional singer she does sing some lines in her song when asked by her crew as they believe her voice is a lucky charm for them. "Mushkil me wo nahi" song in particular means a lot to her and her team. The song has the words of R. Abhishek clubbed with the hook slang by RP. Prathmesh for a slight Punjabi touch and the final compilation by her that gave birth to the melody that we have.

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