Crime can take ugly turns and movies don't lie from time to time. In a bizarre incident, a young man of 25 killed his father in a fit of rage, unprovoked in Nagpur, Maharashtra. During the brutal murder on Saturday night, the gym trainer was reciting Bollywood film dialogues. 

Man kills father while reciting Bollywood film dialogues

A horrific incident took place late Saturday night in Hudkeshwar society, Nagpur, Maharashtra. A young 25-year-old brutally murdered his father, by biting his neck and chopping off his genitals. According to the Maharashtra Police, the events took place completely unprovoked. 

Photo by Bill Oxford on Unsplash

The young gym trainer identified as Vikrant Pillewar was apprehended for the death of his father 55-year-old, Vijay Pillewar. According to the family members who witnessed the incident on that night, said that the accused had attacked his father by biting his neck completely unprovoked. After which he dragged his father to the verandah where he sliced his genitals off, leaving the latter dead. 

All the while as he did so, the witnesses said he was reciting Bollywood film dialogues. When his mother and sister tried to intervene, Vikrant threatened them too. Inspector Rajkamal Waghmare of the Hudkeshwar police station told the media, "Vikrant, a gym trainer, was reciting Hindi film dialogues and exhibiting inexplicable behaviour during the incident, the family has said. He also threatened his mother and sister when they tried to intervene. It took five policemen to pin him down and tie him up." 

The man has been charged with murder. Films are not just all fiction, sometimes the weirdest depictions may even come to life.