deepak sharma
deepak sharma

Indian Government seems to be nervous and seeking more concertation for New Economic Weapon as a financial proposal submitted by H.R. Economics for 15 trillion dollars 2024-25 fiscal.
An Economic/financial proposal submitted before Govt. of India, of 15 trillion dollars worth, crossed 5 trillion dollars GDP target till 2024-25 fiscal year, including at least 1 trillion worth within the next 8-9 month period and a road map for a 100 million employment generation programme.

Various rumours lie between economic experts in respect of the world's third and upcoming Economic concept called as Human Resource Economics (H. R. Economics), against the capitalism and communism economic system. Now all rumours seem to end up after submitting a financial proposal for 15 trillion dollars with hundred million( 10 crores ) employment generation plan including one trillion dollars secured bond in favour of Union of India within
next 8-9 month period of time, the aforesaid proposal has been developed by using the various tools of H. R. Economics.

Mr Deepak Sharma also is known as the father of H.R. Economics confirmed that a financial proposal on behalf of HR economics of 15 trillion dollars, has been submitted before the Prime Minister Office (P.M.O), finance minister and chief economic advisor. Mr Sharma requested the P.M.O, Finance Minister to verify the proposal by forming an Economic Expert Committee instantly.

During cross-questioning about financial visibility and reliability of aforesaid proposal, Mr Deepak Sharma assured all economic experts and Govt. of India, that all data in the aforesaid proposal are feasible, reliable, and viable according to H.R. Economic model and burden of proof to prove the aforesaid proposal exist on his shoulder.

He also confirmed that Human Resource is an asset, while Humankind has no intellectual capability to convert aforesaid assets into monetary funds, therefore humankind is suffering from poverty, crony capitalism, crime and corruption. While upcoming H.R. Economic systems provide the aforesaid intellectual capability to Humankind, and due to this India shall be gain highest benefited.
Mr Sharma also describes the short brief mechanism of H. R. Economic model, he said that in the current scenario Indian Economy depends on three pillars as, R.B.I, Ministry of Finance and Stock Exchange. After the adoption of H.R. Economic Model, an additional 4th pillar in the form of Manpower grid to be a centralised pillar among previous all pillar and Man Power shall be gain rapid worth capacity, which shall be larger against the combined worth of R.B.I, Ministry of Finance and all stock Exchanges of India within next 5 years. Mr Sharma also confirmed that currently, available accounting standards are not sufficient to run aforesaid Economic System, therefore he proposed 12 new accounting standards along with 5 Economic standards to be mandatorily applied.

Mr Sharma was addressing media personals about H.R Economic model (2014), describing the H.R Economic system as an aforesaid Economic system is next-generation Economic System, which having the intellectual capability to evaluate the human resource and capable of evaluating to convert the estimated evaluation into monetary funds. He also claims that the HR economic model is capable of running accounting and Economic standards simultaneously.

Therefore, H.R. Economic model (2014) seems to be the next generation Economic system against previous economic systems such as capitalism, socialism, communism and mixed economy.

Deepak Sharma, known as the father of HR economics describes capitalism as an economic system based on the private ownership of means of production and their operation for profit. While on the other hand communism is a political social and economic philosophy composing a range of economic and social systems characterized by social ownership of the means of production and worker self-management of the enterprise. Mr Sharma further claims the humankind suffering from poverty as black spot shall be removed after the adoption of H.R. Economic Model.

After introducing the aforesaid proposal, now various questions about Economic subject matter exist before economists worldwide including the government of India, whether the cardinal principle, tools, and mechanism of H.R. Economics capable of satisfying the economics principle, if yes it should be the best economic weapon for the Indian economy and Humankind also to benefit itself.