Rohit Sharma, Ritika Sajdeh, Virat Kohli
Rohit Sharma, Ritika Sajdeh, Virat KohliInstagram

There's a strange connection between Cricket and Bollywood and it has never failed to amaze each and every one of us. Many actresses, be it leading ones or small timers, in the past have dated cricketers and made headlines for their romantic affairs. One such affair that became talk of the town was that of Indian skipper Virat Kohli and thunderbolt Rohit Sharma's wife Ritika Sajdeh.

It so happened that Virat was in Mumbai for a small vacation after his Zimbabwe tour. During this time, Virat was seen roaming around with a mystery girl and grabbed all the necessary attention. While the media was trying to figure out who the lucky girl in Virat's life was, their night outing answered questions in everyone's mind.

In 2013, Virat Kohli and Ritika went out on a movie date and that's when the paparazzi caught hold of them. Though Virat looked quite comfortable in getting clicked publicly, Ritika was taken aback after watching all the cameras clicking. She was even seen hiding her face from the paparazzi with her hands and then with a newspaper. But it was already too late as the media, by then, had figured who the mystery girl in Virat's life was. Their viral picture was even printed in a leading daily. 

Virat Kohli, Ritika Sajdeh
Virat Kohli, Ritika SajdehInstagram

Virat and Ritika had met in 2010 during Indian Premier League. Ritika was a sports talent manager and was representing Virat for the past three years since 2010. They remained good friends despite speculations of their romantic affair made headlines.

Ritika later married Rohit Sharma and together have a daughter name Samaira Sharma. Virat, on the other hand, went on to date Anushka Sharma and got married to her in December 2017.