The Wall Street of New York City known as the home of the New York Stock Exchange isn't new to the business of news making. But while most times, the headlines are to do with stockbroking, investment banks, and big money, this time the famous NY street made headlines for going bananas on Monday, October 18. 

Around 10000 bananas kept under the charging bull of New York Wall Street
Around 10000 bananas kept under the charging bull of New York Wall StreetTwitter

"A 7-foot statue of Harambe, the gorilla shot to death at the Cincinnati zoo in 2016, was erected on Wall Street Monday directly across from the famous Charging Bull sculpture," reported Fox News adding that this was a work of a social networking platform called Sapien.Network which also put thousands of bananas at the base of the Charging Bull, to be eventually donated to a local food bank.

A press statement released by the company stated the reason behind the temporary installation of the sculpture. "The purpose of the protest is to highlight how out of touch Wall Street has become to the needs of everyday people and to challenge the Street's uncompassionate capitalism," an excerpt from the statement published by Market Watch read.

It further said:"As a symbol of the outrageous disparity in wealth between the 1% and everyone else, 10,000 bananas will surround Wall Street's iconic Charging Bull to illustrate just how 'bananas' Wall Street has become." The giant visual installation also marked a protest against the killing of a gorilla in Cincinnati zoo in 2016 when a boy fell inside its enclosure. 

Visitors at NY Wall Street
Visitors at NY Wall StreetTwitter

However, this isn't the first time that another installation took place in front of the giant bull representing the NY stock market. In 2017, a bronze art installation of a little girl installed by U.S. financial firm State Street Global Advisors went viral too. The sculpture of the four-foot-tall fearless girl in a power pose turned quite a few heads and cameras ahead of Women' day back then.