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Actress Nandita Swetha is aquaphobic. Opening up about the same, the actress revealed that she took a two-week break from the shooting of her upcoming movie IPC 376 as she was scared of the underwater action scene.

Nandita Swetha, who was last in seen Kalki and Taana, is busy with her upcoming movie IPC 376, which is directed by Ramkumar Subbarama. The actress is playing a dare-devil cop in and she will be seen pulling off something unusual in the film. She is also performing an underwater action sequence in it.

In an interview, Nandita Swetha revealed that she is scared of water, but she had to brave her fear. She took a break from shooting for two weeks and got trained in swimming at Bengaluru.

"I am scared of getting into the water because I have sinusitis. When I went to a canal near the Kalyani temple in Chennai to shoot the sequence, it took me almost two hours to get into the water. The crowd that gathered to watch the shooting must have wondered why, when I was dressed as a cop, was taking so much time to jump into the water," Nandita Swetha told in an interview to Deccan Chronicle.

Nandita Swetha
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Nandita Swetha added, "We have a senior fight master who assured me that all safety precautions were in place, but I still wasn't confident and literally backed off from the shooting. I was so afraid that I left for Bengaluru for a two-week break. Initially I was very scared to get into the water and literally cried when the trainer left me in the pool alone. I drank a lot of water."

The actress found the underwater action sequence challenging even after learning swimming. Nandita Swetha said, "But on the fourth day, I started picking it up, and after two weeks I got the hang of it, and overcame my fear of the water. We shot the sequence on a hot afternoon, but the water was very chilly."