Anuj Chuke
Anuj Chuke

Not everyone is born to be a management professional, it's an art that comes to those who think outside the box. A classic proverb says, 'To create something exceptional your mindset must be relentlessly focussed on the smallest details'. In layman's terms, one must strive to be the epitome of perfection in order to be the best. Such classic thinkers and planners are the driving force behind the well-established industry of celebrities. With the strategic planning and brilliant ideas of these planners, our entertainment industry sees a tremendous growth day after day!

Talking about one such personality in the field of Event management in the entertainment industry, one can't skip talking about Anuj Chuke. He is the founder and art manager of "Shubh Mangalam Celebrity and Event Management Company".

Anuj has gained over 7 years of experience in the field and to date, he has organized some of the best events. His unique approach to working and an unrelenting desire to ace things with utmost perfection is what keeps him ahead on the track of sheer excellence. He is a versatile persona and excels in doing multiple jobs of being an artist manager, a designer, a fashion show organizer, model coordinator, serials, music albums, TVC advertisements, and is also a casting director. Anuj is the perfect example of 'Jack of All Trades'.

He believes in serving the best for his people. The entrepreneur defines what a true perfectionist and a believer are.

His creative ideas blended with A touch of intelligence are visionary, to say the least. These factors lead to never before seen innovations and strategies.

Taking his profile to greater heights and striving to achieve remarkable results, he is somebody who believes in growing together and has lent a helping hand to many budding stars of the entertainment world.

Known for applying his skills and abilities to the best of use, Anuj is well-known for providing his assistance to celebrities and entertainers for managing their events.

With an incredible approach towards management, Anuj has successfully managed to grow and shine, while unlocking exhilarating opportunities his way. May his endeavors are more bright and beautiful