There may be collaborations that would have been interesting to watch on the screen that never materialised. Bollywood is full of these stories. Feroz Khan was very eager to work with Shah Rukh Khan, even though he never got the opportunity.

Despite trying, when he couldn't get Shah Rukh Khan to sign a film with him, he had said at one point that when the younger actor's romantic films stopped running, he would remember him. We can't be sure whether that's really the case. 

Feroz Khan and Shah Rukh Khan

Feroz Khan wanted Shah Rukh Khan to act in his film

In the 70s and 80s, Feroz Khan was a big name in Bollywood having established himself as a director and actor. Shah Rukh Khan was still new to the industry then. Feroz Khan had worked on movies like Apradh, Dharmatma, Qurbani, and Janbaaz which were big blockbusters. 

Feroz Khan had been very interested in working with Shah Rukh Khan who was an up and coming name in Bollywood. At the time Shah Rukh Khan was primarily working in romantic films and had developed an image of the actor to go to when it came to romance. 

Feroz Khan had approached Shah Rukh Khan with his films many times, but the latter had never agreed to one. This disappointed Feroz Khan who according to news reports would talk about it when he was inebriated. He said that Shah Rukh would get stuck in his image as a romantic hero and once his romantic films stop working at the box office, the actor would definitely recall Feroz Khan.

In the 90s Feroz Khan was trying to launch his son Fardeen Khan as an actor, and he kept trying to get Shah Rukh Khan to work on his action-romantic film. He was willing to accept any terms and conditions Shah Rukh put before him, but the latter never agreed. One wonders whether Shah Rukh Khan ever thinks about him, or even needs to for that matter.