Well, it must be a dream come true for them! For all these while we humans paid a visit to the animals in the national parks and reserve forests; now here they are to give us a visit! As the entire nation is locked inside the four-walled corners, the animals get a hell lot of time and space to bask in.

nilgai on streets
nilgai on streets

Nilgai takes a walk in Noida

The very recent clip of a nilgai walking outside the Great India Place Mall in Noida Sector-18 is truly unbelievable. Shared by a journalist, Ananya Bhattacharya with the caption, "This is unbelievable. Nilgai takes over #Noida streets. Not bad a video to watch during #Lockdown21" continues to gather the wonder from viewers across the nation.

The 25-second video shows empty roads in Noida sector 18 and a majestic nilgai walking freely on the road, which otherwise rushed with people and vehicles. But on finding a cop on the road, the animal takes a quick run. 


The video continues to receive likes and comments under it. One Twitter user wrote, "Mother earth on reboot mode." Another said, "Reclaiming territory." Another comment on the post read, "Wildlife is up and running."  

Make way for the great Indian Bison

Guess who took a stroll in Karnataka! In the video clip shared by Indian Forest Officer Susanta Nanda, a huge Indian Bison makes his rounds on the markets this time. The video is captioned as "Indian bison( the gaur) goes for a street walk. The largest extant Bovine, is native to South and Southeast Asia. It can be very aggressive. Rare to see in markets."  

bison in the market
bison in the market

The 8-second video shows the large animal freely walking in the market area of Chikmagalur district, Karnataka, while the few onlookers on the road get aside and watch the Bison with utmost amazement. The comments read like - "Oh! We should vacate this place for them. Guess humans have stayed for too long."

Seems like the civet is aware of the road rules!

In a very interesting clip from Kerala, a civet is seen crossing the roads; that too, through the zebra crossing!

"This is a Small Indian Civet. Things which I can confirm; Video is real (not animation). Was never posted before Wednesday on Internet. Sources say it is from Kozhikode. It looks sick. Quite possible was in captive & released. It is found there normally also. That's it," Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan tweeted.

civet on the road
civet on the road

What makes the video the most interesting is indeed the contradiction seen with the animal and the time for its stroll. The otherwise nocturnal animal, with black spots and stripes, was seen walking on the striped road in daylight in Meppayur town of Kozhikode in north Kerala.

"They are natural to this place. Just that less traffic makes them walk freely now. This one is following Zebra crossing also," Indian Forest Officer  Praveen Kaswan wrote on Twitter.

A spotted deer 'spotted'!

In the seven-second video of the Spotted Deer shared on Twitter by a user, Saket, captioned it as, "And in Dehradun". Susanta Nanda of the Indian Forest Service retweeted the clip with the caption, "Here is Spotted Deer( Chital) on the lanes of Dehradun. Nature reclaiming thick and fast".

spotted deer
spotted deer

The clip, so far, has been viewed over 3,500 times and also garnered several likes and retweets.

Uttarakhand sees a sambar deer

For the people of Uttarakhand, it was not just one, but three sambar deers that came stealthily at night to the human area.

In the yet another tweet shared by the IFS officer Susanta Nanda, shows the three Sambar deers casually strolling in society, while the people locked inside the house recorded the scene in amazement.

sambar deer
sambar deers

The dogs, who are not used to wildlife roaming around freely on the roads can be heard barking at the deers.

With the whole country in-home, it seems like the pollution count in the air (including the noise level) touches much lesser levels within a week of the national lockdown. Glad tidings!