Meta-owned WhatsApp is working on a feature that will give iOS users the ability to hide their online status from everyone.

As of now, users can choose to display their "Last Seen" information to contacts, some people, or no one. For a future version of the app, WhatsApp will let users follow a similar approach to the online toggle, reports 9To5Mac.

WhatsApp. (File Photo: IANS)
WhatsApp. (File Photo: IANS)IANS

This new privacy feature is being developed at the same time WhatsApp is also readying another important function, the ability to edit a message.

It has been quite a while since the app started letting users delete messages, but it never brought the ability to edit them - which is finally changing in a future update.


The ability to edit and delete messages is also coming to yet another beloved messaging app: iMessage with iOS 16.

Although it drove some controversy, being able to edit and delete a message can be very handy when you misspell a word or send the wrong information to a person in a chat.