WhatsApp is constantly working on bringing new features to the app in order to make it more compelling. This is much-needed for the Facebook-owned company, which was recently brought into questioning for its privacy issues. With new improvements to the app and its security, WhatsApp can restore the faith of its more than 1.5 billion users.

While WhatsApp has rolled out several features, the dark mode has been highly anticipated by the users. WhatsApp was spotted testing the feature on several occasions, but the dark theme never saw the day of light. WhatsApp's dark mode status could change soon as beta versions are consistent with the new feature. Once rolled out, users will be thanking the company as it is going to be worth the wait.

Instead of implementing dark mode the normal way, which changes the theme of the app to black and grey colours, WhatsApp came up with an interesting idea. According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp users will get a new Themes section under the Settings menu of the app. Users can choose from three options, Light, Dark and Set by Battery Saver.

WhatsApp dark mode is coming with a twistREUTERS

While the first two options are self-explanatory, the "Set by Battery Saver" option is an interesting addition. According to the report, the third theme option works based on the battery level of the phone. The dark mode would get automatically turned on when the phone's battery saver setting is set to activate at a certain level.

As interesting as the new battery saver option in WhatsApp is, it is not for everyone. If the report is accurate, WhatsApp dark mode's "set by battery saver" option will be available to users running Android 9 or older versions. If your phone is running the latest Android 10 OS, the "system default" option will be seen. In this, WhatsApp's theme will mirror the colour scheme of the device selected by the user.

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WhatsApp Dark Mode is coming with a twist: Everything you need to knowKIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP/Getty Images

It is interesting how WhatsApp is coming up with new methods to make its new features unique. The dark mode has been under beta testing for far too long. Despite several reports talking about the new feature, there is no exact release date yet. Given the consistency with which we are hearing about WhatsApp dark mode, the official release might be closer than anticipated.

Besides dark mode, WhatsApp is also working on several other features, including self-destructing messages, multiple device support and more. It will be interesting to see how these new features will change the way users interact with the app.