WhatsApp is constantly adding new features to its app in order to improve the user experience of more than 1.5 billion users around the world. The WhatsApp user base is divided among iPhone and Android users and both these versions receive updates with exciting new features from time to time. It is now time for iPhone users to enjoy a new feature exclusive on the iOS platform.

WhatsApp for iOS has received an update, jumping the app version to 2.19.100. iPhone users can head to the App Store to update WhatsApp if the automatic update option is disabled on your device.

Once you update WhatsApp for iOS, you'll see an Apple-inspired feature that has been a hit among iPhone users. The popularity of Memoji stickers inspired WhatsApp to bring Memoji stickers to its own app.

To get started with Memoji stickers on WhatsApp, launch the app, open a chat and click on the sticker icon next to the text box. Then you'll see the "+" icon, which will take you to the next screen with an option to add new Memoji sticker pack. The new stickers will appear in the sticker library from where you'll be able to select your favourite one.

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With iPhone X's advanced front camera, Memoji and even Animoji accurately detects the users' winks and tongue to capture to offer personalised expressionsApple India Press Kit

But the introduction of Memoji by WhatsApp won't replace Apple's Memoji. It's unclear if you'll be able to customise your Memoji like you would on an iPhone. If that's the case, users won't be as tempted to use WhatsApp's Memoji as they would Apple's Memoji stickers.

If this doesn't excite you, WhatsApp has several other features in the pipeline. For instance, the dark mode is long coming and it might finally be rolled out to all users sooner than later. The popular messaging app was also reported to be testing Snapchat-like ephemeral messages. There are a lot of features undergoing beta testing, but it's not a guarantee that all of them will make their way to the masses.