Mohanlal, the complete actor in Mollywood is now one of the most valuable stars in south India, and his films play a crucial role in elevating the popularity of Mollywood in the country.

Several film critics believe that Mohanlal is the Indian version of Marlon Brando, and with his realistic portrayal of characters, the actor has succeeded in garnering millions of fans. But what will be the state of Mollywood if Mohanlal was never born? Let us check out.

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Mollywood would be like Sandalwood

Mollywood is very small when compared to other film industries in India. The state is producing movies in a very minimal budget, and filmmakers in Kerala are always known for making films that give importance to substance than style. However, the presence of Mohanlal in the industry gave producers the courage to invest more money in movies, as his films have a wider market in other states too.

When it comes to budget, Mollywood can be compared with Sandalwood. But what Sandalwood lacks is a superstar like Mohanlal who can be showcased in all nooks of the nation as the face of the industry. Even though KGF became a nation-wide hit, Sandalwood does not have any other Pan-Indian films that received appreciation globally. If Mollywood does not have Mohanlal, producers will not be brave enough to pour billions, and thus the Malayalam industry will also face the fate of Sandalwood.

It should be noted that Mohanlal's upcoming release is 'Marakkar: Arabikadalinte Simham' directed by Priyadarshan. The film is being shot with a mammoth budget, and it will be released in five Indian languages.

Mammootty would be the only superstar in Mollywood

In the absence of Mohanlal, Mammootty will be the only superstar in Mollywood. Even though Mammootty too has a decent fan following down south, none of his movies has succeeded in entering the elite 100 crore club. However, if Mohanlal was never born, Mollywood would have been ruled completely by Mammootty, and Suresh Gopi may pose a threat to his stardom to an extent. Mollywood might have also missed three national awards in the Best Actor category if Mohanlal was never born.