Internet of Things is not quite familiar to the people of India, but it has been gaining ground internationally in markets like the United States. From automated homes to AI-assisted personalization of services, IoT has embarked its journey and presents itself as the imminent future of technology.

While embracing IoT is still an option, there could come a day when it will be standardized like smartphones. If that sounds too optimistic, then take a look at this India-based global technology OEM creating promising opportunities for consumers and startups, even if it seems too far-fetched.

Smartron expanded its roots from smartphones to IoT on Thursday with the launch of tronX and tronX Life, which together puts India on the map for IoT race. The technology firm is offering a one-stop solution for all your IoT needs and demands regardless of whether you are a consumer, business or a startup.

With a perfect set of examples, Smartron explained how IoT can transform our daily lives. What would the world around you look like if everything that you use is interconnected to offer a seamless solution so you don't have to run your brains for tiniest tasks?

Can you imagine an alarm clock that wakes you up earlier if your phone foresees traffic through maps; and then automatically turns the geyser on and reads your schedule and books a cab while you get ready? In another example, the company says that the health data can be recorded and analysed on a regular basis and any small anomaly can trigger a suggestion for a visit to a doctor.

All these examples seem like they've been taken straight out of a sci-fi film, but it's not entirely a fantasy.

Smartron has working solutions that could transform these examples into reality given the right amount of time. For now, the tech company has launched four verticals that can be integrated into our lives. These verticals are still in R&D development stage, but the groundwork has been laid out with two years of extensive work into the platform.

Smartron tronX
Smartron tronXSmartron

"Smartron has been working for more than two years on creating a new connected ecosystem fueled by AI +IoT and tronX is at the core of this brave new world. We are proud and excited to unveil tronX today, a first of its kind AI powered IoT platform and a kind of next gen OS designed to run seamlessly across wide range of devices, sensors, vehicles and systems," Mahesh Lingareddy, Founder and Chairman, Smartron, said at the showcase of tronX on Thursday.

With a global outlook, Smartron is certainly putting India at the forefront of the niche technology that is gaining steady ground internationally.

"... We are opening up an ecosystem to our partners that is Indian at its roots and global in its outlook. We already have many companies that have partnered with us in delivering innovative HW and SW solutions."

The four new IoT verticals that Smartron showcased are:

tronX Personal

This particular vertical is focused on delivering personalised and localized user experience across various streams of life such as entertainment travel, shopping, financial, health, event and communication.

tronX Health

As the name suggests, tronX Health helps monitor and manage medical history and insurance data. The OS is also designed to offer preventive solutions and has signed up a range of partners to deliver on that.

tronX Home

Home automation is the face of IoT and tronX Home will interact with inter-connected smart home gadgets inside your house. For instance, you can control all your locking mechanisms, security updates, home appliances, services like water, electricity & payment modules with just voice commands.

tronX Infra

Finally, presenting an opportunity to startups and businesses, tronX Infra handles a range of monitoring and management services like BMS, security, lighting, climate, tracking and connectivity for buildings, retail, warehouses, cold storage, trucking, logistics and more, the company said in its press release. Smartron has partnered with various corporate establishments for its pilot program and aims to deliver better security, productivity and increase revenue and profits.