Sandalwood's hottest couple Yash and Radhika Pandit have unveiled the first picture of their baby. However, the fans should refer to the little munchkin as 'Junior Yash' for some more time, since they have not revealed it.

The first photo of Yash and Radhika Pandit's son
Yash and Radhika Pandit's son and daughter Ayrah seen in the photo.Radhika Pandit Instagram

Celebrity Photoshoot
A photoshoot of the baby has already been done. "The moment all of u were waiting for.. Yes tomorrow, Junior turns 6 months!! He will be ready to greet u all.. are u guys ready for him!! #nimmaRP #radhikapandit P.S : Thanks Amrita for this memorable shoot! @mommyshotsbyamrita. [sic]" Radhika Pandit announced about revealing the picture on Thursday, 30 April. 

A day later, Radhika Pandit revealed the first picture and captioned, "Verified Presenting the apple of my eye, the rainbow of our family.. and sure to be Mama's boy our lil Junior ❤ Do give him all your love and blessings!! #nimmaRP #radhikapandit. [sic]"

Yash Failed to Keep his Promise
Radhika Pandit welcomed her second child on 30 October, 2019. The couple was supposed to announce the name and reveal the photos in three months. "I think we unveiled the photo of Ayra (Yash's daughter) after she completed three months. We will do the same in case of my son as well," the Rocky Bhai had told the reporters, then.

However, the plans went for changes for the reasons best known to them. However, the fans were disappointed as Yash failed to keep his promise.

Radhika Pandit gave birth to baby girl (Ayrah) in December 2018. 10 months later, she was blessed with a baby boy. Recently, she revealed how the two kids are being managed after she claimed that her parents are giving their support.

How do they Managed their two Kids?
On her Instagram account, she wrote, "I know many of u were curious about how I am managing two kids.. U see these two people in the pic, they are my SECRET!! Its becoz of them I get to relax. Ayra and Junior cant stay without them. They are Mummy and Pappa to me, Mimi and Ajju to them!! ❤ P.S : Ayra calls her Ammama as Mimi coz as a baby she heard me call my mom Mummy.. so that stayed!! #nimmaRP #radhikapandit. [sic]"

On the other hand, Yash, who has been working on KGF 2, is spending time with his family due to the unexpected lockdown due to Coronavirus outbreak.

Radhika Pandit and Yash with her Parents
Radhika Pandit's parents with Ayra in one picture, Yash and Radhika with their daughter in other.Radhika Pandit Instagram