life after death

Spiritualists strongly believe that death is not the end of everything, and they propagate that the real journey of a human being starts after the death in the form of soul. Even though medical experts have dismissed these supernatural claims, several near-death experiences (NDE) shared by people have made many believe that life after death is a reality.

Adding heat to their views, a woman from the UK named Eva has revealed that people after death will experience intense euphoria. Eva made these remarks on her NDE testimonial shared on the NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) website.

"I was suffering from gallbladder stones. When the pain was coming, I was trying very hard to leave my body because all I wanted was to die. I imagined myself as a bubble and trying to squeeze out of my body. With every attack of pain, I was mentally pushing that bubble out more and more. After about 4 hours, I finally managed to do that. The bubble finally squeezed out and I left," wrote Eva on the NDERF website.

After getting out of the body, Eva apparently felt immense pleasure, and she could understand each and everything that happens around her. The near-death experience victim also claimed to have experienced a sense of oneness during these moments.

"It was a big 'aha' moment. I could understand physics, math, chemistry, and all the formulas that went with that understanding. I suddenly understood my purpose. I saw how everything together made a perfect sense. It's difficult to describe where I was because it was as if I was approaching the universe at a great speed. And at the same time, I was amazed at being able to understand absolutely everything. Then I got this amazing sense of unity. It felt like the whole universe was in me and I was in the universe," added Eva.

Eva also made it clear that she experienced this oneness after passing through a tunnel which was completely filled with light.

Even though Eva's experience has made many believe about the possibility of life after death, medical experts believe that it might be a particular capability of the human brain which is causing these visual hallucinations. As per medical experts, during times of life-threatening events, the oxygen supply to the brain will be reduced, and a survival trick adopted by the brain to meet the lack of supply is causing visual hallucinations.