Due to the coronavirus outbreak, several ongoing and planned missions of NASA have been delayed. Amid all these tensions, Doug Loverro, the head of NASA's human spaceflight office has mysteriously resigned from his post without citing a proper reason.

Why Loverro resigned from NASA?

A resignation letter obtained by Politico Magazine reveals that Loverro has resigned from his post without citing a valid reason, and he has just mentioned a mistake committed had compelled him to take such a decision. In the letter, Loverro also revealed that he is leaving the position with a very heavy heart.

Douglas Loverro
Douglas LoverroDepartment of Defense/Monica A. King

"Throughout my long government career of over four and a half decades I have always found it to be true that we are sometimes, as leaders, called on to take risks. The risks we take, whether technical, political, or personal, all have potential consequences if we judge them incorrectly. I took such a risk earlier in the year because I judged it necessary to fulfill our mission. Now, over the balance of time, it is clear that I made a mistake in that choice for which I alone must bear the consequences. My leaving is because of my personal actions, not anything we accomplished together," wrote Loverro in the letter, Politico reports

The decision from Loverro comes at a time when NASA, in collaboration with private companies like SpaceX is all set to launch astronauts from American soil in the coming months.

Lawmakers demanding answers

The unexpected resignation of Loverro has shocked many people, and lawmakers are demanding a convincing answer behind the space chief's exit.

Kendra Horn, Representative for Oklahoma's 5th congressional district revealed that the exact reason that made Loverro resigned from his post should be determined.

"I am deeply concerned over this sudden resignation, especially given its timing. Under this administration, we've seen a pattern of abrupt departures that have disrupted our nation's efforts at human space flight. The bottom line is that, as the committee that oversees NASA, we need answers," said Horn.

NASA revealed that Ken Bowersox, a former astronaut will replace Loverro as an acting capacity in the coming months.