Prime Minister Narendra Modi
In picture: Prime Minister Narendra Modi shows off the ink on his finger after casting his vote during the second phase of polling of the Gujarat Assembly election on Thursday, December 13, 2017.Twitter/Narendra Modi official handle

During the Gujarat election campaign, Prime Minister Narendra Modi recalled all the insults directed at him and asked, "What did I do to deserve all these insults." In a series of tweets, he even listed several insults, including the one by suspended Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar.

"Where is the decency in the language Congress leaders have used for me. What did I do to deserve this? Is it my crime that the people of India have reposed their faith in me," he tweeted.

There is no response from the Congress yet, but an author has decided to let PM Modi know "what exactly he did wrong." In a Facebook post, author Devdan Chaudhuri, who is also a contributing editor to The Punch Magazine, posted 22 points reply on the social media page. The post was shared on December 8 and since then it has gone viral. The Facebook post has been shared by more than 4,000 times until the time of publishing this article.

Here are his 22-pointers:

For destroying India's economy via Demonetisation and not taking responsibility for the damage it has done.

For destroying the traditional plural culture of our ancient land via organised polarisation - not just religious, but also regional, linguistic and cultural.

For destroying the profound teachings of Hinduism/ Sanatan Dharma by placing Savarkar's fascist Hindutva as Hinduism.

For continuing the charade of fake nationalism when your deeds and policies are only harming India.

For being a government - not of India - but of Hindutva forces, crony corporations and foreign vested interests - especially the Zionist global banking cartel.

For false promises and falsehoods which are being spread through multiple channels every day.

For violating the principles of the Indian Constitution by introducing theocratic militant nationalism and anti-privacy/ anti-freedom Aadhaar.

For destroying the pillars of Democracy by de-fanging media and institutions - which are critical to offering any semblance of truth and justice.

For not listening to people and the diversity of voices - but to impose dictates via coercion and intimidation.

For being anti-intellectual and actively promoting the hatred of the learned and the educated.

For doing all the tricks in the book to curb dissent and freedom of expression.

For sinking all the human development indexes since 2014.

For waging a fake 'morality play 'of anti-corruption crusade when the real policies of the government point to the opposite direction.

For hiding from unscripted questions which the people want to ask you - no single press conference since you came to power.

For focussing on PR, publicity, events and propaganda, but not the real issues of the nation.

For ruining India's traditional 'non-aligned' foreign policy.

For instigating the ego - hate and greed - through your theatrical 'carrot and stick' speeches.

For surrounding yourself with sycophants who have no talent for governance.

For being obsessive about grandiose ideas/ misplaced priorities and failing to deliver.

For misunderstanding the meaning of 'development' by neglecting social justice.

For being pro-super-rich and putting the poor and the Middle class under the technocratic Neoliberal Economic policies which have hollowed out the West.

For raging a war against India via the toxic brew of Hindutva and Neoliberalism, and destroying the people's faith and trust in the government.