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Just when we thought that we had learnt quite a bit about the various types of yoga such as hot yoga, power yoga, hatha yoga and Ashtanga yoga to name a few and wouldn't feel lost when someone is discussing them, here's comes another type, which has once again left us startled. And to be honest, the name itself is quite startling.

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Often called the alien yoga, this form of yoga has in fact been in existence for years, but is kicking up quite a storm on social media now. While the images and videos might appear a bit unnerving and might turn many people off, it in fact works wonders for the core.

The move, which is actually called Nauli, is a cleansing exercise beneficial for internal organs and also tones the abdominal muscles, according to While this form of yoga isn't widely taught in the world yet, it is said to be one of the first exercises that was taught to students in early times.

Nauli includes four movements and can be performed by people of all ages. However, the website suggests that they be done with guidance so that they are not only effective but also to ensure safety.

The four movements are uddiyana bandha, which involves exhaling completely and pulling the abdomen in and up under the rib cage. The other three movements are madhyana nauli, the contraction of central abdominal muscles, vama nauli, the contraction of left abdominal muscles and daksina nauli, the contraction of right abdominal muscles.

Apart from strengthening the core, it also helps in digestion, corrects hormonal imbalances, improves willpower and "always brings happiness."


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