Wendell Miracle
Wendell Miracle

To become a powerful motivational speaker and influencer, there are two requirements. You need to be successful and have an amazing story. Wendell has both

We met this promising personality who has overcome tremendous crisis. Sometimes we forget what we have. It's not our fault, its God who teaches us and makes us gold after testing us by giving some real tough challenges in life.

Wendell Miracle is the founder of Hope Nuggets who comes from San Diego, California. He was born in the Philippines and grew up in Bergenfield New Jersey.

After battling breast cancer for over a decade, his mother passed away in 2012. It was the darkest time of his life. He lost everything. He lost his best friend and biggest supporter. And even worse, he lost his passion for life.

It was a tough time for Wendell, and he lost all his cash, friends and everything. It was a depressing time for him. He was also bankrupt at one stage. But all the depression ended when he finally made a decision to fight it. He realized that life is too short to live depressed.

As we say, when you face a tough time, it teaches you many things, and in Wendell, it is the same case. He started to take his life seriously, and he spent lots of time learning new ideas about how to come out of depression and live a stable and happy life. Hunger for learning helped him become one of the most exceptional motivators and influencer of our time.

Once he came out of the depression, life started to change for him, and the once bankrupt person began to earn a whopping six figure income in his life. Wendell started his consulting company Hope Nuggets for people who are facing depression, anxiety and heartache. He regained his passion for life and found his true calling.

Wendell started to counsel people in different ways through e-courses, motivational videos and he is also coming out with a book in 2020, which is tailored for people who are in depression in their life.

Wendell Miracle is gaining lots of popularity on Instagram due to his motivational thoughts and videos. This lad is a gift to many as he is changing lives with his positive attitude and life-changing ideas.

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