Joss Whedon

Before Joss Whedon was handed the post-production duties of Justice League, the Avengers director was taken aboard by DC films to direct Batgirl. But after the failure of Justice League at the box office and more negative than positive fans reactions, a rumour has come out claiming that the director is shown the door.

According to, rumour about Whedon being kicked out of the project spread like wildfire online. It suggested that the director was no longer at the helm of the Batgirl project due to the negative press he has drawn, thanks to Justice League.

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This came in as a shock to many. However, Entertainment Weekly quickly took to damage control. Sources confirmed to the site that the claims are not accurate and Whedon is currently working on the script. But the site does warn that things could change if they have to. But as of now, Whedon's in-charge.

Of late, Whedon was in the news, courtesy -- his actions. He was in news for his connection with the extensive reshoots which was sort of evident in the final output. Although the studios claimed that only 15-20 percent of the movie was redone by Whedon, fans did not welcome the move and many are still strongly demanding for Zack Snyder's cut to be released.

Secondly, he also made headlines for liking a tweet which criticised the main villain of the film Steppenwolf. "#JusticeLeague's Steppenwolf is the worst comic book movie villain of all time and not even Malekith the Accursed comes close," read the tweet. Him liking the tweet left many fans furious.

Justice League hasn't quite performed the way Warner Bros expected it to work at the box office. The film opened to a cold $96 million as compared to a $120 million prediction. The film has been doing good in a few international markets but the negative publicity has been looming over the film since its release.