On the Way to the Airport
Kim Ha-neul and Lee Sang-yoon during the press meet of On the Way to the Airport .Facebook/KBS World

The romance between the onscreen couple, Choi Soo-ah and Seo Do-woo, might become more intense in the sixth episode of On the Way to the Airport. The sequel will also continue to reveal the dark secrets of Kim Hye-won.

In episode 6, the female protagonist sets new rules between her and the University lecturer. The veteran flight attendant makes it very clear that she is not interested in getting involved with any commitments. But she is likely to break it in the upcoming episode as the promo hints at an intimate sequence between them.

In a 30-second-long trailer, the female lead can be heard saying that she wants everything to be back to normal. For which, Lee Sang-yoon's character reminds her of the three rules set between them.

The clip then takes viewers through an on-board flight sequence, wherein Hye-won is seen enquiring about Hyo-eun's mother.

However, it is not clear, if she is asking about Soo-ah to her friend Song Mi-jin because the next shot focuses on a tensed face of the flight attendant.

The sneak peek video then gets back to the onscreen power couple, wherein the University lecturer is seen asking the female lead if she and her husband were in love before marriage. The video ends up with a kissing sequence between the two followed by a voice over of Do Woo saying, "Always remember these moments."

The trailer also features a conversation between Jin-seok and Mi-jin. It focuses on the flight attendant's efforts to explain why she is better than his wife. She goes on to say that Soo-ah's boyfriend is really handsome and that she can easily fall for him.

KBS will air On the Way to the Airport episode 7 next Wednesday, October 12, at 10pm KST. Watch the trailer below: