The video every YouTube addict has been looking forward to, YouTube Rewind 2015, is out. In the half an hour of its release the "Now Watch Me 2015" themed video was watched over 634,458 times, and over 80,000 people liked it. 

As always, this years rewind video also took us on a journey through the various viral videos on YouTube re-enacted by some of the most popular stars. While a lot of the veterans like Tyle Oakley and Grace Helbig returned, quite a few newbies were also seen making their presence known in the monumental video. 

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Lily Singh aka Superwoman kicked off the video to a mash-up of "Cheerleader" by OMI and "What Do You Mean" by Justin Bieber. We also got to see a lot of international YouTubers repeating the inspiring words of Shia Lebouf's "Just Do It" speech for Nike in their respective mother tongues.

We also see our favourite gamer Markiplier physically walking through some scary corridors and alleyways to the music of "Can't Feel My Face" by WEEKND. Moreover, we were gifted with a flashback of many iconic moments in YouTube history since 2005, which included a bit on "Charlie Bit My Finger". 

Watch the entire video here: