The craze to get one click of the star of Bollywood had reached the zenith. Recently when Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan was spotted outside Shashank Khaitan's residence, to attend his birthday party, photographers gathered around his car to get one glimpse of the actor seated inside with his girlfriend Natasha Dalal.

Amidst all the commotion you could hear a man screaming 'Per pe chadhaya, per pe chadhaya, (you ran over my foot, you ran over my foot)! Varun who was seated inside the car was seen gesturing the men to move out from the way.

Varun DHawan accident

A little later in the clip, Varun Dhawan was seen telling the paparazzi, to not act so impatient to get one click of him, considering the fact that he does pose for them when they tell him to. "Tumko photo kab nahi diya hai ki tum log aisa karte ho? Main nikal ke aata hoon na tum logon ke paas. Kyun halla karte ho? Kab nahi diya hai? Roz toh deta hoon (When have I not given you photos that you behave in this manner? I will come out and pose for you, why are you creating a commotion like this. Have I ever refused to pose for you all, have I ever stopped you all from taking pictures?"

While standing outside the residence he advised those paparazzi to help the injured photographer. He was seen verbally asking the man about his injuries before getting back inside the building.

It was earlier, in another Conclave when superstar Shah Rukh Khan too had talked about a similar issue. He had gone on record to say that if you ever see a picture of him inside the car you would usually find him squinting since half of the time goes behind telling those photographers to move out of the way.