Joe Denly
Joe Denly dropping the catch of Kane WilliamsonTwitter

Dropped catches are part and parcel of the game of cricket. However, sometimes, the dropped catches are so easy that there is no defence for the fielders. Even by the most lax standards of fielding, Joe Denly's dropped catch of Kane Williamson, off the bowling of Jofra Archer, was incredibly poor.

The New Zealand captain had been the beneficiary of good luck even earlier in the innings when an easy catch down the leg side was put down by Ollie Pope, a part-time wicketkeeper made to do the full job due to Jos Buttler's injury.

But the catch dropped by Denly would have embarrassed even a 7-year old cricketer. Williamson was batting on 62 and facing Jofra Archer. The English fast bowler bowled a slower delivery which the Kiwi batsman tried to flick but mistimed it completely. The ball went straight to Denly, lobbing at the most gentle pace.

But, inexplicably, he dropped the catch. Everyone, English players, commentators, and viewers, all were stunned. The best comment on the dropped catch came from Mark Butcher. He said: "I don't know how you can drop this, it's virtually impossible!" Mark Richardson, commentating live, exclaimed: "Oh, what have you done! What have you done there!"

Look at the dropped catch for yourself: