From Zombies to demonic possession, "Supernatural" has been going from scary to chilling at a very fast pace. Meanwhile, Darkness aka Amara continues to grow at an astronomically fast pace, literally transforming into a young girl from an infant in the span of a day. To top it off, she is now under the protective custody of the King of Hell, Crowley (Mark Sheppard).

In the upcoming Episode 3, "The Bad Seed", Sam (Jared Padelecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are looking for a loophole to defeat Darkness or at least lock her back in her prison, while also trying to contain Cas (Misha Collins) and the curse Rowena (Ruth Connell) put on him. While Cas and Dean agree that there is use in turning to God, Sam, who believes he got a sign from God in Episode 2 "Form and Void" expects miracles to happen.

Seeing as his brother and Cas aren't betting on God helping them with Darkness, Sam suggests another person from whom they could seek help. "He was the scribe of God.. He did hear about everything," says Sam as Dean warns him not to even say the name. Although the name is not revealed in the promo clip for "The Bad Seed", we can safely assume, the conversation is about Metatron (Curtis Armstrong).

The last we saw this notorious Angel, he had just tricked Castiel, and escaped with the demon tablet. He is an obvious enemy, but the Winchesters are not ones to shy away from working with their enemies as means to an end; take Crowley for example. Another hint for his return to "Supernatural" was made, when the Angels that tortured Castiel questioned him on the whereabouts of Metatron.

Regardless of the scribe's return in "The Bad Seed", there will be one witch, whose return we can guarantee; Crowley's mother Rowena. The Winchesters are searching for her to rid Castiel of the curse she cast on him.

Watch out for Season 11 Episode 3 of "Supernatural" at 9.00 PM (EST) on Wednesday, 21 October. You can also live stream "The Bad Seed" via CWTV.