Deepa Sree

The internet has a place for everyone and everything. As a consequence, we see a lot of people trying their hands at different trends. Have you heard of multi-taskers? Well, there's one! She is the fashion and beauty influencer Deepa Sree! This young lady is already an influencer who is creating content in different niches. In addition to this, she is also testing her skills as an entrepreneur and we have mentioned a few of her businesses.

To share her knowledge of style and to boost the fashionableness of her followers, she first started her own brand, called Deepa Sree Closet. Through this online apparel shop, the influencer aims to share unique outfits from her closet. Several followers messaged her asking for her outfit ideas and wanted to duplicate what she wore. This is when she decided to start this online thrift shop.

Besides this fashion store, she also owns her own organizing business. The influencer loved home organizing since her childhood, and this fondness pushed her to start a business called "Dee Organise." This brand deals with all types of organizers.

The influencer is already showing her side as a businesswoman. She is currently working on her own beauty brand called Dee Beauty, which will launch in July 2022. She says her brand was 3 years in the making and it took her a lot of time to build the foundation of the brand. From design to packaging, to chemical formulation of all products, she was the key to her own brand.

Talking about her entrepreneurial side, she is working on her own photography studio, known as "Dee Studio" in Hyderabad.

Apart from starting her own businesses, she has also helped in boosting the growth of several make-up brands. She is loved for her social media content. Those are not only relatable but also helpful. From fashion hacks to affordable beauty tips and healthy lifestyle basics, she says she has got it all.