Umair Awan

Umair Awan is a singer who has established himself in the music industry with talent. He began his singing career in 2013 and has since provided music fans with some melodious recordings. TikTok Billo, Teri Yaadein, Adhoura, Changi Lagi, and a few others are among his most popular songs. Sniper, a new song by the artist, will be released soon.

The artist has released a promo for the upcoming song. Hassan Badshah composed the song, which Muddassir Wadood Khan directed. The melody in the 54-second teaser is appealing, and it will have all of his fans interested in the full song. He worked on the Sniper song alongside Manj Soorma, Furqan Tahir, Ghana Tiger, and Naseer Ahmed.

"I'm ecstatic to be able to share the entire song soon. The response to the trailer has been fantastic, and it has given me a lot of motivation. Everyone involved in the song has put forth a lot of effort. I'm hoping the audience appreciates every moment of it," he said about the new song.

The singer hopes for a wider reach for Sniper and will be happy if it surpasses TikTok Billo's views (28 million). The artist states, "I want people to like Sniper as much as they have every other song I've ever released. After all, what makes an artist the happiest is having their work acknowledged and enjoyed by his fan base. Sniper will be released soon, and this is only the start. I've been working on more incredible songs, which I'll be releasing in 2021."

On his Instagram page, he keeps teasing fans with updates about his upcoming song. He shares posters and BTS stills before the big release.