Actors like to have fun, and they should. Salman Khan is a fun-loving guy and is a sport for the most part. He has also been friends with Katrina Kaif and has worked on many movies together which were great successes. 

Once at an event, Salman Khan tried to learn and perform the floss, the millennial dance. As one of Bollywood's perfectionists when it comes to dancing, and a millennial herself, her judging Salman's dancing capabilities is priceless.

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif
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Salman Khan stuns Katrina Kaif by dancing the floss

Stunned into silence is a figure of speech. Every once in a while, you might be lucky enough to see it happen or happen to you. Salman Khan has time and time again proved he can stun you into silence in more ways than one.

When Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif and Sonakshi Sinha were at an event, one of Bollywood's crowned jewels decided to become a student and try his hand at the floss. Singing confidently getting into the position of "Oh Oh Jaane Jana," the audience humours him by laughing, Katrina Kaif doesn't even break a smile Sonakshi Sinha though is fully enthralled in the antics of the superstar. Perhaps he forgot or rather didn't care that he was sitting next to Bollywood's leading dancer who is known to bust moves to perfection giving many a run for their money.

Regardless, the actor with his imposing personality rose up the challenge and learned it step by step. For the uninitiated, the floss is a dance where you imitate a dental floss movement. It is arguably one of the unfortunate and pointless dance moves. Salman Khan proved he's millennial at heart with his floss. He didn't give up, and when someone tries to help him he tells them to shut up. Katrina Kaif smiles only at his failed attempt.

It took him a few tries and tutorials and silencing those around him. As he learns, observe Katrina Kaif who looks anywhere but at the actor. Usually, people don't want to look away if it's Salman Khan, however, Katrina adamantly keeps her eyes trained to the front. Probably because she might just burst into criticism if she did follow the actor as he awkwardly tries to floss. When he does floss at the end Katrina is laughing, probably hoping when it would end and if not, that she could definitely do it better than him.

It's good to see actors trying something new, especially when you can't imagine them doing that activity. Isn't that what fans look forward to?