The lockdown has become all about making the best of what you have. It's also left people craving interaction. Celebrities are really trying to keep us entertained through these difficult times.

Salman Khan went a step further and has been interacting with everything around him, and has gotten closer to nature. The actor made some plans today and shared breakfast in the outdoors with his friend. That's more than what many of us can do at the moment indoors.

Salman Khan
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Salman Khan's breakfast date

The lockdown has proved the best and worst of humanity. But, humour is everything at this point. Celebrities are trying to keep us happy in different ways. Well, for all the social distancing, we're getting closer to those who we're spending the Coronavirus lockdown with.

Salman Khan took to Instagram to post about his curious breakfast date. It's been a while when we saw Salman Khan's social life in action. The Bollywood actor made time for a close friend who happens to be a horse. He joined his horse for breakfast and shared a nutritious and organic meal of grass. 

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Breakfast with my love...

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Digging in the actor took a few bites before offering his horse food. Salman Khan is a real gentleman of course. The horse and he seemed to have a good time, as he took to Instagram to post about his date. While it was surely a strange sight, the actor took the edge off of being under lockdown for many.