Season 3 Episode 6 of "Ray Donovan" will be aired on Sunday, 16 August, and it will show the titular hero reconsidering the offer Paige made him in the last episode. In "Swing Vote", Ray will also sink deeper into the inner workings of politics.

In the last episode, we saw Ray (Liev Schreiber) double-crossing his employer Andrew Finney (Ian McShane) and working with his daughter Paige (Katie Holmes) instead. Ray had been tasked with retrieving a phone, which contains evidence against Governor Verona's (Skipp Sudduth) dalliances, and Paige is a part of it.

Paige had offered Ray a better deal than the one he had with her father, and in exchange, Ray told Andrew that the phone has been destroyed. He then goes on to gain 3% of the NFL deal. In "Swing Vote", Ray and Paige will try and focus on their NFL plans, and it is understood that they do begin a working partnership.

In the promo for episode 6, Ray is seen telling his wife Abby (Paula Malcomson) that he is tired of fixing things for people who do not deserve it. "It's gotta change," he says, before claiming that if he pulls off whatever he is trying to do, it could change everything.

Abby will be introduced to Ray's new world in the coming episode, but she has a tough time handling the Finneys. While Paige constantly puts her down, Andrew explicitly disrespects her by using her as a pawn to bring Ray back to the party they are attending.

Ray had to leave Verona's party because of an emergency call from his brother Terry (Eddie Marsan) who says "they" found him. It looks like he is hallucinating and that his stint at prison has left him a little unhinged; he even takes a shot at his brother.

Will Terry's fear get the better of him, and how will it affect Ray's career plans?

Watch out for season 3 episode 6 of "Ray Donovan" at 9.00 pm (EST) on Showtime. You can also live stream "Swing Vote" via Showtime Anytime.