Showtime will air season 3 episode 5 of "Ray Donovan" on Sunday, 9 August, and it will come with a new and hopefully improved deal for our hero. In "Handshake Deal", Paige will ask Ray to work for her instead of her father with the promise of better incentives.

We know that the Finneys definitely do not have a typical father-daughter relationship, but in the last episode, Paige (Katie Holmes) had made it clear to Ray (Live Schreiber) that her father Andrew (Ian McSahne) would ask him to do very cruel things to her. Ray, who is employed by Andrew, responded that he does not care, because he is employed by her father and only her father.

In fact, Andrew had also reminded Ray that he is only concerned about doing things that Andrew wants him to. However, in the coming episode "Handshake Deal", he might "jump her (Paige) father's ship" and work for her instead.

In the promo for episode 5, Paige is seen telling Ray, "I can make you a better deal. Just name your price". It looks Paige has convinced him to join forces with her.  

Meanwhile, Mickey (Jon Voight) and Daryl (Pooch Hall) find themselves in a sticky situation after Daryl tries to follow Pop's business model. Mickey is still trying to make things work without the help of his son Ray, and so far, it has not been going well for him. Mickey will also have to accept that he is not as good a mentor to Daryl as he hoped to be. 

Watch out for season 3 episode 5 of "Ray Donovan" at 9.00 pm (EST) on Showtime. You can also live stream "Handshake Deal" via Showtime Anytime.