Priyanka Chopra and her pop star husband Nick Jonas joined the movement against racism in the US, and sought justice for George Floyd. However, her stand against racism has sparked an outrage on social media where people have been calling out her "blatant lies" on endorsing fairness creams. 

A short clip from a throwback interview of Priyanka Chopra has been doing the rounds of the internet wherein she is heard talking about how she would never endorse a fairness product. 

Priyanka Chopra Jonas
Priyanka Chopra JonasInstaram

Priyanka receives flak for old interview

"I'm dusky myself and I'm very proud to be dusky myself. I would never go around and say, 'You need to become fair and you need to become beautiful, because I've never endorsed that,'" Priyanka Chopra had said in the interview. 

Right after Priyanka's statement, another video of the actress is being clubbed together wherein she is seen endorsing a fairness product in an advertisement. 

And since then, people have been calling out Priyanka for her double standards accusing her of using the campaign according to her convenience. 

Check out the video: