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As "The Originals" season 3 progresses, we get closer to the war that is awaiting the Mikaelsons and also learn more about the mysterious de Martel siblings. In "I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans", we will also see how loyal Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) truly is, towards the Mikaelsons.

Lucien Castle (Andrew Lees) continues to wreck havoc in the French Quarters with his serial killing. Although he told Klaus (Joseph Morgan) that the reason for his arrival in New Orleans is to protect his sire line from being extinguished, the Mikaelsons know that is not the whole truth.

Even though Lucien is definitely one vampire to be wary of, his arrival in New Orleans has led to one good thing: it has forced Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Klaus to work together again. Fans know that Elijah is still angry with Klaus for what he did to Hayley (Pheobe Tonkin) and her pack, and the only reason he is tolerating his younger brother is Hope. But now, they need to work together to uncover the truth as to why Lucien is actually there.

To make matter worse for the Mikaelsons, another unexpected friend from their past also arrives in New Orleans and delivers some startling news to Elijah. Our guess is that this new arrival will be Tristan de Martel (Oliver Ackland), the first vampire turned by Elijah millions of years ago.

He was last seen in "You Hung the Moon", visiting his sister Aurora (Rebecca Breeds) at a monastery and informing her that he will come bearing a gift for her, the next time he visits. The said gift would be brought from New Orleans, he had said.

Elsewhere, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) is approached by a mysterious figure with an enticing offer, but taking it up would mean turning his back on the Mikaelsons. Would Marcel take it up?

Find out in Season 3 Episode 3 of "The Originals", which will be aired at 9.00 pm (EST) on The CW on Thursday, 22 October. You can also live stream "I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans" via CWTV.