A video uploaded to YouTube by popular extraterrestrial hunter Scott C Waring has now gone viral on social media. The video apparently shot from Pennsylvania shows multiple unidentified flying objects (UFO) hovering in the night sky.

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Man shot UFO video from his car

In the video description, Waring revealed that the man who captured the video was apparently returning home from the King of Prussia Mall.

During the time of UFO sighting, he was with his family, and he claims that everyone witnessed these bizarre lights in the skies.

YouTube: ET Data Base

"Personally observed with my family on the way home from the King of Prussia Mall, heading eastbound multiple bright lights in the sky remaining stationary. I have video taken in the car while observing. This is unexplainable unless there is some type of unknown military aircraft I am unaware of," said the witness.

After analyzing the video, Waring assured that the clip is real, and the conspiracy theorist added that the origin of these flying objects remains a mystery.

Aliens or secret military craft?

As the video uploaded by Waring went viral on the internet, conspiracy theorists outlandishly started arguing that these unknown lights are authentic proof of alien existence. These conspiracy theorists believe that advanced aliens from deep space used to visit the earth regularly to monitor human activities. They also claim that these regular UFO sightings indicate that alien disclosure is near.

However, a section of YouTube viewers believes that these UFOs could be most probably secretive space vessels developed by the US government.

"One of two things: classified military craft, like the TR3B, or Aliens. If it is military, they have amazing technology that they are not disclosing. I can't imagine these lights seen frequently, at such distances, always being dismissed as candle lanterns," said Dr Strange Love, a YouTube user.

However, sceptics dismissed the alien and secretive military vessel angle, and they suggested that these lights could be most probably Chinese lanterns.