Katy Perry
Katy Perry in new music videoKATY PERRY (@katyperry/Instagram)

Katy Perry dropped a music video for her single "Cozy Little Christmas" in which she stripped down to nothing as she relaxes to get a back massage from a reindeer.

Katy Perry is having a blast this Christmas as the acclaimed singer recently shared a sassy clip where she strips down completely, exposing her back. In the released music video, the 35-year-old Perry gets very comfortable around the reindeer. She later slips her top off completely so she could relax on the massage bed and enjoy Christmas.

The music video starts by Katy Perry singing the groovy Christmas single where we see Santa Claus coming to the set along with several holiday creatures. Santa later goes and changes his attire to a more relaxed Hawaiian-kind of a shirt. In the later part of the song, Katy Perry seems to enjoy the holiday blessings with all the Christmas creatures.

Though Katy Perry's clothing is minimal, she still manages to embrace the holiday spirit with several funky looking Santa Claus earrings. In addition to Katy Perry, even Santa Claus gets comfortable as he strips down and indulges in the back body massage by the reindeer. "Cozy Little Christmas" ends with Katy Perry and Santa Claus slow dancing in front of decorated trees all while their Christmas friends are deep into their sleep.

Katy Perry's previous NSFW video:

This won't be for the first time when Katy Perry has amazed her millions of fans by her groovy number and sensual music video. Before releasing this "Cozy Little Christmas" video song, she released a tongue-in-cheek single "Bon Appétit" in which she was served up as a piece of food.

In the "Bon Appétit" music video, Katy's body is chopped, rolled, and then boiled, which simply aims to portray the misogyny which women from around the world face daily. Several critics noted that Katy's song is a symbolic representation of a women's body being treated like meat.

Meanwhile, Katy Perry stays in news because of her ongoing relationship with Pirates of the Caribbean movie star Orlando Bloom. The couple recently headed to Japan to celebrate Thanksgiving Day 2019 along with Bloom's son, Flynn. Katy even shared an adorable picture on her Instagram placing a sushi emoji on Bloom's son's face.