Jennifer Winget and Tanuj Virwani
Jennifer Winget and Tanuj VirwaniInstgram

Television actors are the ones who spend most of the time on sets with their co-actors and never fail to grab headlines. Right now, Jennifer Winget is in news for her role as Maya in Beyhad 2, her debut in web show and her love life!

This isn't the first time Jennifer is linked to her co-star but she has been linked with almost all her co-stars, from Harshad Chopra to Sehban Azim and the latest one is her Code M co-star, Tanuj Virmani.

It all started when they were seen holidaying with each other in Poland on New Year's eve and their social media PDA too grabbed headlines.

Jennifer-Tanuj more as a couple than best friends

During the media interaction for the web series CODE M we saw, Jennifer and Tanuj had a great time, in fact, they were seen bonding much more than 'just friends' as the media was present in a small room waiting for the interactions, the media was an eye-witness to their mushy romance and fun banter and saw the duo hitting off more as a couple than best friends.

When media quizzed them on their brewing relationship Tanuj and Jennifer squashing the rumours and denied their relationship and said, "We called each other and laughed together. We were holidaying in two different parts of the world. And it just happened to be our Christmas and New Year's holiday. People these days add 2 and 2 and make it 22."

On the other hand, Jennifer revealed that such stories have no impact on her, "You know me for so many years. Has any news bothered me ever?" To which Tanuj added, "This is nothing just a child play (laughs)".

However, the makers and people from her production has a different story to tell, at the red carpet and press screening of CODE M, when media asked Jennifer, what keeps her away from the party circuit and why is she private about her social life, Jenny said, " I am a very lazy person and for this show, I have done a lot of physical training, how I have done, only I know, that's the reason why I don't socialize."

Soon entered Samar Khan the executive producer of CODE M and said, "Jennifer, works very hard, she will go for dubbing, then she shoots early in the morning, she is single, so how will she party!" Post his statement, Jennifer burst out laughing!

Watch the video below:

We wonder what's the truth!