Actress Ruhi Shaileshkumar Singh
Actress Ruhi Shaileshkumar SinghYouTube Screenshot

TV actress Ruhi Shaileshkumar Singh has reportedly been booked for allegedly ramming her car into multiple vehicles in an inebriated condition and assaulting a cop. The incident occurred in Mumbai on Monday morning.

Ruhi, who was allegedly in an inebriated state, rammed her car into at least seven vehicles. The vehicles were damaged but no one was injured.

More serious charges of assaulting a cop have also been put on the actress. According to Mumbai Mirror, Ruhi and two of her male friends had gone to a food outlet to use the washroom. However, the restaurant did not have toilet facilities and this led to an argument there.

When a police officer arrived at the spot, Ruhi and her friends allegedly assaulted the cop and snatched his badge. The actress along with her friends then fled from the spot in their car, following which she lost control of the wheels and rammed into some parked vehicles.

A video has also come up on social media that shows Ruhi arguing with police and public who gathered at the accident spot. In the video, she is seen showing the police badge and accusing the cop of assaulting her. The video has now gone viral on social media

Meanwhile, the two male friends were arrested right from the spot, but Ruhi was not arrested as she was allegedly under the influence of alcohol, and it was night time. She has been served with a notice to be present at the police station whenever called and will be arrested later, according to police.

Watch the video below: