Elimination of five artistes during "The Voice" USA 2015 (Season 9) semi-final is brutal but it is the absence of some of the most talented singers that will upset fans, may be even to the extent of losing interest in the whole show.

Tuesday's elimination was perhaps the most shocking ever since the show started as it's not just one but a few unique and talented contestants were shown the doors. Fans may find difficult to accept the fact that their favourite artiste has left the show.

Amy Vachal and Shelby Brown of Team Adam, and Braiden Sunshine of Team Gwen were directly eliminated from the show, while Madi Davis of Team Pharrell and Zach Seabaugh of Team Blake lost out to Jeffrey Austin in the sing off.

Zach sang "Live Like You Were Dying" by Tim McGraw for Instant Save, while Madi took on Crowded House's "Don't Dream It's Over" and Jeffrey performed "Make It Rain" by Ed Sheeran. Jeffrey made it through, which means Zach and Madi had to leave the show.

Perhaps it was time for Braiden Sunshine, Shelby Brown and Zach Seabaugh to leave the show as their performance in the semi-final was not impressive but there is no denying that Amy Vachal and Madi Davis were among the most unique contestants this season. Madi performed "Big Girls Don't Cry" by The Four Seasons on Monday and it was one of the most beautiful renditions of the night, perhaps next only to Jordan Smith, while Amy sang "To Make You Feel My Love" by Bob Dylan which was a good rendition.

Amy and Madi are gone despite their beautiful rendition in the semi-finals. Not taking away credit from top four finalists but "The Voice" USA 2015 will never be the same without these girls as they are talented and different from others. There is the possibility of the audience feeling the vacuum following their exit. It would have become too much to take if Jeffrey too was eliminated.

Earlier in the show, host Carson Daly announced that Adam Levine's Jordan Smith, Blake Shelton's Emily Ann Roberts and Barrett Baber were through to the finals. He then announced three artistes who will perform for Instant Save and they were Jeffery Austin of Team Gwen, Zach Seabaugh of Team Blake and Madi Davis of Team Pharrell.