As the third wave of the Covid pandemic is wreaking havoc in several countries, fresh data has shed crucial clues on how booster doses of vaccine will reduce the mortality rate. According to data from Switzerland, receiving booster doses will significantly reduce death rates among Covid patients. 

Covid booster doses could do magic

The data recently came out from Switzerland suggests that the Covid mortality rate is 9 times lower among people who have received two doses of the vaccine when compared to unvaccinated people. 

Covid vaccine
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Interestingly, people who have received booster doses of the Covid vaccine showed 48 times lower death rates when compared to people who have not received the vaccination. 

The new finding gives a ray of hope to the entire planet, as several countries are battling the twin threats of the pandemic; Delta which is lethal, and Omicron which is highly transmissible, but less deadly. 

The importance of 4th dose Covid vaccine

A few days back, another study conducted by experts from Israel had found that receiving the fourth dose of the Covid vaccine could boost the antibodies by fivefold, just a week after the shot is administered. 

It should be noted that Israel is the first country to roll out the fourth dose of the Covid vaccine to healthcare workers and people who have a weakened immune system. 

Announcing the finding, Israeli prime minister Naftali Bennett said that an increase in antibodies after the fourth dose indicates, "a very high likelihood that the fourth dose will protect vaccinated people to a great degree, against infection to some degree and against severe symptoms." 

Meanwhile, several other studies had suggested that the less lethal Omicron variant of the pandemic could evade the immunity offered by vaccines.