Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Silver Jubilee celebrations of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS) in Karnataka via video conference on Monday, June 1.

Narendra Modi
PM Modi said that in the battle of invisible vs invincible, our medical workers are sure to win.Twitter

Addressing the 25th-anniversary programme of RGUHS, PM Modi said, "25 years means this University is in the prime of its youth. This is the age to think even bigger and do even better. I am confident that the University will continue to scale new heights of excellence in the times to come."

Here are the Live Updates of PM Modi's speech:

  1. In normal times, the celebrations would have surely been bigger. Had it not been for the global pandemic, I would have loved to be with you all in Bengaluru to mark this special day: PM Modi
  2. At such a time, the world is looking up to our doctors, nurses, medical staff and scientific community with hope and gratitude. The world seeks both 'care' and 'cure' from you:
  3. At the root of India's brave fight against COVID-19 is the hard work of the medical community and our CORONA warriors. In fact, doctors and medical workers are like soldiers, but without the soldiers' uniform: PM
  4. The virus may be an invisible enemy. But our warriors, medical workers are invincible. In the battle of Invisible vs Invincible, our medical workers are sure to win: PM
  5. During the last six years, we in India have given top-most priority to reforms in health and medical education. We are broadly working on four pillars: PM
  6. Ayushman Bharat- the world's largest healthcare scheme belongs to India. In less than 2 years, 1 crore people have benefitted from this scheme. Women and those staying in villages are among the major beneficiaries of this scheme
  7. A nation like ours has to have proper medical infrastructure and medical education infrastructure. Work is underway to ensure a medical college or post-graduate medical institute in every district of the country, says PM Modi.
  8. The country has seen rapid progress in setting up 22 more AIIMS. Over the last five years, we have been able to add over 30,000 seats in MBBS and 15,000 seats in post-graduation
  9. The fourth pillar is- Mission mode implementation. A well-thought of idea on paper makes it a good idea. And, a good idea well implemented makes it a great one: PM