With Diwali around the corner, the festive quotient amongst Indians seems to be running high. On one hand, while brands are trying to cash in on the Indian festival of lights, on the other, social media influencers are not shying away from sharing their two bits or more on how to go about celebrating the ancient festival. 

On Sunday, October 17, ex-Indian Cricket Captain Virat Kohli took to his Twitter to share with his fans his new Pinterest campaign on how to celebrate Diwali more meaningfully. The video featuring the man himself stated, "It's been a tough year for all of us all around the world, especially in India with wave 2 hitting us in 2021. As we get ready for Diwali in this festive season, I will be sharing some of my tips for you to celebrate with loved ones and family."

Last year, Virat Kohli urged his fans to not burst crackers during Diwali celebrations
Last year, Virat Kohli urged his fans to not burst crackers during Diwali celebrationsTwitter

The teaser video received a rather mixed response with the cricketer's interest in promoting Pinterest and sharing tips on Diwali getting much trolled as fans felt he should stick to his core field of cricket. 

Murli Menon, a Twitter user wrote, "Request you not to teach us how to celebrate a meaningful Diwali with loved ones and family". We've all been doing it for years - rather decades - so your experience on that count, would be a lot less than ours. Hence, spare us any advice or moralizing please."

Some users even made personal attacks asking about his stance on Anushka's 'no cracker' policy during Diwali when clearly, crackers are okay during birthday and IPL celebrations.

Crackers burst at a cricket stadium during IPL season
Crackers burst at a cricket stadium during a matchSocial Media

Since then, the link to Virat Kohli's Pinterest account has gone missing from his Twitter and Instagram profiles. A screenshot taken of his account by OpIndia prior to the virtual uproar shows his Pinterest page link right under his name and tagline. 

Twitter screenshot of Virat Kohli page
A screenshot captured by OpIndia of Virat Kohli's social media page

Virat Kohli's Pinterest page that boasts 6.11k followers currently shows two videos related to Diwali. While one is the introductory one, in the other, he shares images of his favorite sweets, ragi halwa and besan laddoo during Diwali. There has been no activity on the page since his idea was trolled on Sunday.